What’s in a biotech name? How drug startups choose their brand

Elie Dolgin @eliedolgin | Boston Globe | 03/09/2016

The intellectual property is secure. The science is sound. You’re about to make your pitch for funding. The scary next step for a biotech entrepreneur? Picking a company name. “It is a very emotionally charged exercise,” said Scott Piergrossi, vice president of creative at the Brand Institute, a Miami-based firm that specializes in pharmaceutical branding......Read Article


The letters "X," "Y" and "Z" often appear in drug brand names. Ever wonder why?

By Enid Burns | Canadian Medical Association Journal | 09/03/2014

You shuffle to the pharmacy counter, arthritic knees aflame, each step pure agony, and hand over a prescription for Cerebyx. Big mistake. Cerebyx is an anticonvulsant, not an anti-inflammatory. What you need is Celexa. Actually, no, that's an antidepressant. Instead, try … Celebrex?.....Read Article


Episode 53: Names, Names, and Names

NPR | How To Do Everything | 04/01/13 8:00 AM ET

Listen to our very own, Scott Piergrossi, Vice President of Creative, speak with Ian and Mike of NPR's How to do Everything:.....Read Article


Is the Time Ripe for BlackBerry?

By Enid Burns | E-Commerce Times | 02/01/13 5:00 AM PT

Research In Motion finally took the wraps off of its new mobile operating system and two new handsets during a global launch event this week. What stole the show, however, was the company's decision to rebrand itself, ditching its damaged "Research In Motion" name and going with "BlackBerry" in the hope of leveraging the pioneering brand's strength.....Read Article


X and Z in favor as companies name new drugs

By Deena Beasley | Reuters | 01/25/13 9:31 AM EST

(Reuters) - They may be difficult to pronounce, but pharmaceutical companies eager to grab the attention of doctors and patients are returning to drug names starting with X and Z......Read Article


Developing drug names like Lipitor and Lunesta is fun and creative

By Monika Wahi | | 06/21/12 8:30 AM EST

Naming drugs is “fun and creative”, according to Maureen Krajeski, Director of Brand Development for Brand Institute, Inc., whose company exhibited at the BIO National Convention (known as BIO 2012) at the Boston Convention Center June 20.......Read Article


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